About Us

Focusing on projects benefitial to both society and environment, Beyaz Gemi has the know-how and sixteen-year experience in this field.

Practicing in the fields of educational consultancy, project design, applicaton and management, promotion, event organization, research and development, traditional and digital publications, sponsorship relations, Beyaz Gemi realized many succesful projects, events and promotional work.

Amongst the organizations we provide services are national and international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Aside from interational organizations such as World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Union, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Beyaz Gemi offers services to ministries, governorates and affiliated organizations, municipalities, universities and private sector and it is one of the leading companies in Turkey in its field.

Having a say in the fields of disaster awareness and risk communcation as a result of the informative and awareness raising work it practiced in creating a disaster-aware and safety lifestyle, Beyaz Gemi exploits its knowledge in this field in the first-aid, disaster, fire, search & rescue trainings.

Reaching out millions of people by the work it realized in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Beyaz Gemi is continuing its efforts for a safer and more livable Turkey. For more information about our projects and services click here to download our portfolio in PDF format.


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